Why we need Social Selling ? 

  • Why we need fax machines. And sooner Businesses were faxing business proposals
  • Why we need Internet? Now over 3 Billion Global workforce uses Internet
  • Why we need email? And now we send and receive volumes of emails.
  • Why we need a web site? And now business cease to exist if they don’t have a web site
  • Why we need CRM, it’s an unnecessary expense? Now every sales organization has CRM.
  • Why we need inbound marketing tools? Now leading organization use Inbound marketing tools to generate leads.
  • Why we need LinkedIn profile? Now people respond I will connect with you on LinkedIn?

Why we need ……. question is being asked again “WHY WE NEED SOCIAL SELLING.”  not realizing

Buyers purchasing behaviors are changing.  Hence sales behaviors must change too

  1. Buyer’s product SEARCH begins with search engine. Hence Sales is being Replaced by Search Engine
  2. Buyers EDUCATE themselves Hence Sales is being replaced during the phase education.
  3. Buyers CONSULT their network for opinions without intervention of Sales. Hence Sales is being Replaced by Social Networks
  4. Buyers visit reviews sites to compare products and analysis.
  5. Customers are Crazy Busy. Hence 90% of Decision makes don’t respond to cold calls or emails
  6. 57% of the Buying Cycle is completed without the involvement of Sales.

Buyer’s profiles are also changing.  Hence Sales profiles must change too

  1. 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level/VP surveyed use SOCIAL MEDIA to make purchasing decisions.
  2. Buyers who use social Media have more purchasing power and purchase more frequently.
  3. 95% of the B2B buyers expect sales to be THOUGHT LEADER in one area
  4. B2B buyers are 5x more likely to engage when the outreach is through a mutual connection
  5. 57% of the Buying Cycle is complete before sales are called in.

Changing buyers profile and behaviors is compelling Sales profile and behavior to change and step forward is for business to adopt Social Selling bandwagon.