Karama.2People living in Dubai will identify with little grocery shops existing on the ground floor of their building.  They operate to serve the tenants in the building and tenants living in buildings around the grocery shops.   They are open most of the working hours which starts from early hours in the morning and closing late in the evening or early hours of the day.  Let’s observe what they teach.

Stay Connected:  They are connected – they will pick up your call on first ring and promptly take up the order.  Business Communication is short and sweet.

Robust Logistics: No matter how small is your order they will   promptly deliver your order in next 10 – 20 minutes. And if its urgency they will deliver in next 5 minutes to meet your time constraints.

Customer Service (crisp instructions) :  Big order or small order; they will   promptly deliver your order with a SMILE complying with your request ie. Either hang the items outside your accommodation or ring and wait for you to receive the items.  The delivery boy has clear instructions either to ask for cash or terms are credit.  They measure life time value of the customer.

One Stop Grocery Shop: When you order they will never say NO wheather item is in stock or not.  If it’s not in stock they will source the products from nearby super market and fill your order.

Rock solid Documentation: They maintain absolutely accurate account of your transactions on small pieces of paper and send your monthly bill along with proof if required

Low Opex and Capex: They maintain a small real estate that is stocked with items and a place for telephone, chit chat and monetary transactions.  They employ low cost manpower of blue collar workers to keep the expenses low.

Employee Training:  Many of the enterprise delivery boys will learn the tricks (Domain knowledge) of the trade and in nextot 24 – 36 months move on  to open similar outfit in one of the buildings nearby.  No wonder such grocery shops are mushrooming in UAE.

Walk the Extra-mile: They will walk the extra mile to patronize their regular customers.  For example they will get your rent agreement stamped for a small fee.  Find you right resource to clean your car, pay utility bill or lend you change when you arrive by taxi.

Protect your turf: They fiercely protect their turf from competition.  And by chance if you happen to order from another grocery shop they will visit to enquire why and how can they serve you better.  On the flip side as an unwritten rule no grocery shop violates territory of another grocery shop.

Referrals Business: They are the hub for information.  If you are searching for someone in the vicinity ask the grocery shop and you shall find.

Finally Grocery shops will charge you a small premium so you might wonder why I should pay the premium when I can purchase similar items at a lower cost.  Well I would say it’s not the little premium, it’s the extra mile that more than compensates for that little premium.