Etisalat-1Etisalat advertisement “WE CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND A MOBILE TARIFF IN UAE THAT ETISALAT CAN’T MATCH OR BEAT” with image of celebrity completely failed to convey the intended message.  My snap decision while driving at 80km per hour was – is this public event being sponsored by Etisalat? 

But on close scrutiny I realized that its was an attempt to reiterate that Etisalat has best Mobile tariffs in town.  But in my opinion the advertisement completely failed to convey the message or raise credibility for following reasons

  • FREE PUBLICITY: I am a long term customer of Etisalat but this advertisement prompted me to look at an alternate service provider offering. So du got free PUBLICITY.
  • TRY OUT: Just to test out services I purchased a plan from du – a lost sale to Etisalat.
  • COMPETITIVE BRAND RECALL: Effectively loyal customers were reminded that there is an option available in the market.
  • MONEY NOT WELL SPENT: I did not see extra credibility with Etisalat plan after looking at celebrity endorsement. Money not well spent.   But snap decision while driving was a state of confusion.
  • NO TIME: People are being bombarded with so much information – then where is the time to compare tariffs?
  • WEB TRAFFIC: Etisalat web traffic may have increased but so do du traffic too.
  • CONFUSION: The caption “For the first time in UAE” – is confusing – does this refer to Mobile tariffs or celebrity endorsement?
  • CLUTTERED WEB SITE: When I logged onto Etisalat CHALLENGE web site the subsequent maneuvering was quite confusing.  Etisalat should have focused on few identified plan and demographics.

I still believe in Etisalat services but now I have one more option to look at.