What if – instead of you approaching the customer; customer approaches  you to confirm the order? Do you wish that you could straight jump from Sales proposal submission to order collection?   Did  you ever wish if you could SHAPE your Prospects mind?

Well you can turn your dreams into reality through leveraging Sales Hacking Techniques. SALES HACKING is the process of SHAPING YOUR PROSPECT MIND by authentic means. And professional leveraging Sales hacking techniques is called a SALES HACKER.  In this post I will uncover 17 Levitating tips Sales hacker use to win sales.

GATE-CRASHING: Social Selling is the new paradigm. And you can bypass the GATE KEEPER by leveraging LinkedIn to connect direct with decision maker.  Engage decision makers on LinkedIn (His posts, Birthday, Job Change or by publishing content of interest to him) maturing your action into an invitation to connect followed by a request for a meet.

MULTI-LOCATION MEETS: When meeting prospects divide your meet into 2 – 3 physical locations such as from the office to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and followed by a 3rd physical place. When you arrange different location for one single meet it gives the impression to the customer that he knows you for a longer time. Thus raising your chances of securing the order.

MAGIC OF OPEN SPACE: Chose meeting places that are OPEN and with high ceilings, chose places outside the office to remove barriers. Open and high ceiling reduces stress, encourage creativity and meaningful dialogue.

WARM CALL: 90% of the buyer don’t take cold calls. Use referral or LinkedIn inMail to request for introduction from your 1st degree connections. Or when you go visit your customer request him for an introduction from any one of his three identified connections. Mr. Customer – I see you are connected with Mr. Ramesh from X company; Mr. James from Y company and Mr. Hafez from Z company – can you help me with a warm introduction to any one among the three or who can you help me with an introduction? This works after you have made him a happy customer.

MIRROR NEURONS: People mirror gestures of people they meet. Hence smile; project friendly and confident posture. Sooner your prospect will begin mirroring your positive gestures. And you will shape his decisions.

CHAMELEON EFFECT : This is opposite; simply mirror your prospects gestures subtlety and soon he will develop liking for you.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN STRATEGY: Benjamin Franklin said ask small favours from your prospects this will develop liking. Request favours that are of value to you but simple, reasonable and easy to extend by the prospect. Such as request to borrow a book or requesting an opinion on his child’s school.

ASK FOR AN ADVISE: Always ask for an ADVISE on your products and not an opinion. When you ask for an ADVISE you make him your accomplice. Example what (action points) do you ADVISE to approach your purchase department?

WEAKNESS AS STRENGTH: First mention your weakness or what went wrong and then go on to explain the strength and what has gone right. (Your Sales pitch for your product, Your Company or Yourself)

THREE OPTION DEAL: Give your prospects choice of three offers – Lowest cost, median (median is your target option) and high cost. Most likely the customer would opt for median cost option because prospects want to mitigate risk by not opting for lowest nor highest cost solution.

HUNT WITH HOUNDS: When visiting your prospect, visit with your team, it creates an aura of strength and confidence improving your chances of success.

PROXIMITY SELLS: Reduce the social proximity and strategically move into your prospects PERSONAL ZONE to close deals faster. There are four types of proxemics as follows…..

  • Intimate Distance (touching to 45cm): This is reserved for intimate and family members.
  • PERSONAL DISTANCE (45cm to 1.2m): Between friends wherein you can see eye to eye. Do it subtlety.
  • Social Distance (1.2m to 3.6m): This is the normal distance for impersonal business
  • Public Distance (3.7m to 4.5m): Teachers and public speakers address groups at a public distance

FOOT IN THE DOOR: Make a bigger request that you believe would be rejected or inconvenience your prospect. Once he rejects the bigger request make a smaller request that will have higher probability of being accepted.

COMMITMENT AND CONSISTENCY: In the language of Dr. Robert D. Cialdini we are conditioned to act compliant with our behavior or earlier actions. Make a smaller request that is accepted followed by a bigger request  after a short gap of time that is congruent with smaller request. And you have higher probability of being acceptance.

PARAPHRASE LANGUAGE: Use the language of your Prospects. Feed him with his own language (words and sentences) that he uses in his conversation. It would connects him to you and probability of securing the order are increased. Listen with attention and use his vocabulary.

EDIFICATION: Let someone introduce you and bring forward your achievement and expertise. This establishes your Authority status  wherein people begin looking upto  you.. Edification is an important part of Network Marketing.

SOCIAL PROOF: Share your customer testimonials or let your happy customers speak to your prospect. And more closer your prospects profile to your customer profile – the higher business probability you build on.

Final piece of Sales Hacking wisdom; Write down your sales goals in active/now language. Research says success rate of written goals commitment/affirmation in active/now language is 76% v/s 17% for unwritten or in passive/future language.