Expo111The day of reckoning is inching closer and sooner it would be November 27, 2013 when the results would be announced.  Wining Expo 2020 bid is half the battle and the other half is what you do to make this a super exciting experience.

Expo 2020 is a one-time opportunity to attract business interest in Dubai and the Arab world.  Hence post announcement, Dubai requires a plan to achieve dreams and aspirations of Dubai and the Arab world.  To maintain and enhance the momentum of interest Dubai should

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE: Thank the member countries for support and this should come from the highest echelons of Expo management or Dubai Government.
  2. WORLD CLASS PARTICIPATION: Begin holding Expo 2020 shows around major cities and share the PROGRESS and RESULT with the business communities.  The objective should be to showcase WORLD CLASS PREPARATION and encourage WORLD CLASS PARTICIPATION from the member countries.
  3. BUSINESS FOCUS: Decide on 3 – 5 business domains Dubai wants to lead and keep its marketing antenna up for those 3 – 5 business domains.  Such as Travel & Tourism; Supply Chain, Education.
  4. HIGHER EDUCATION: Introduce FREE LEARNING MODULES on Expo 2020 and other Global events of UAE interest in the Higher Education. Objective should be to share learning from such bids.
  5. LOCAL TALENT: Train and build database of local Talent to address Expo 2020.
  6. GLOBAL TALENT: Build a Global database of professionals who will promote and contribute significantly to the success of Expo 2020.
  7. PRIVATE SECTOR: Expo 2020 requires massive investment and begin inviting participation from local and Arab world private sector in exchange for Government backed incentives and Global marketing.
  8. BUDGET HOUSING: Build budget housing units for the families of Expo participants.  This is important to bring in families of Expo participants and to create a pull for Asian countries.
  9. TOURISM: Encourage hospitality sector to include TOURISM TITLED EXPO 2020.
  10. DELIVER ON PROMISES: Focus on building and delivering more than promised and meet the time lines.
  11. KAIZEN: Open up Dubai Expo 2020 “IDEAS PORTAL” inviting suggestions to make this a super successful event.
  12. STABILITY: This is a lifetime opportunity for Arab world hence Arab world should work towards political stability and any initiative coinciding with November 27, 2013 will go a long way towards prosperity in the region. 

Let’s work towards Dubai Expo 2020 and prosperity of the region.   Because currency of future is the stability of ECONOMIC ENGINE.


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