Network.2Last Monday I attended “Oracle Sales and Services Cloud Round Table Event.”  Later in the evening I attended “Up close and personal with Tony Jashanmal” an event arranged by International SME.  I reluctantly attended the 2nd event but am glad I did so; because I earned MBA in NETWORKING by being present in the event. During the event I observed two personalities of people; COLLECTORS and CONNECTORS types.

COLLECTORS: These people had come to collect the content.  They were in the event to listen to the content and wisdom.

CONNECTORES: These people had come to network.  And in the connecters,  I further identified two personalities of people; Passive Connecters and Active Connecters.

Passive Connectors:  They would approach a group, shake hands, exchange cards and then would stay put in the group’s comfort zone.  They would wait for people from other groups to come over and connect whereas

Active Connectors: They are more adventurous type.  They would begin with their group, shaking hands,  exchanging cards and then move out to other groups repeating the ritual of introduction, shaking hands and exchanging cards.  They would not stop until they had exhausted themselves.

When I observed the active networkers I observed FOUR PREDOMINANT SKILLS in them and let me share and show how to use the four skills

  1. VALUE STATEMENT: Master your introduction giving your value statement such as when introducing yourself .. “I am a trainer and help sales people close more profitable sales”   Or “my company sells training program that helps sales people take control of the Sales process” or  “we help your business find right skills in time.”
  2. GIVING VERSUS GETTING: Think how you can help others.  And this help could be in terms of giving referrals, introductions and others such as even sharing tips on his son applying to the University.
  3. QUESTIONS: This is the key skill; ask intelligent questions that will encourage others to talk.  Ask what do they do, Ask them why they are in this profession. Ask what triggered them to start this business. Ask them what prompted them to come to the event and so on and on.
  4. LISTEN MORE THAN YOU TALK: And then be present to Listen, Listen and Listen.

There is a famous Chinese proverb that says “”Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember, Involve me, I’ll understand”.   Hence to learn more; on your next visit to an event take the first step.  Identify Active Connector, Connect with him and then shadow him.  And Network like a Pro


  1. Thanks Vinod for sharing your experience to convey your thoughts on connecing. I personaly feel a bit of collection mixed with a lot of active connecting would be a great combo. I think our ability to give increases by collecting whenever we get an opportunity.

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