Job.3Today was spent in exchange of ideas and while driving back home something was troubling my mind.  What is it?

The troubling topic of this post is searching for jobs on LinkedIn.  And this is my personnel opinion and I believe if you follow it you will create a better perception.  And foremost getting a better job is not a onetime activity because if you are continuously improving then you have the right to continuous improvement in your professional life as well.  My “7” point opinion is as follows

  1. If you are connecting on LinkedIn, don’t connect and jump to ask for a job.
  2. Don’t send a message and simply ask for a job unless you know the connection as a close friend or a colleague.  Else any of the following three can happen
    • You will not be responded.
    • Your message will be deleted.
    • A courteous response reiterating that I would let you know.
  3. When you ask for a job don’t expect the recipient to search for your title, your strength and why others should give you a job.  Do the homework for the recipient and provide necessary information in a simple format.  In other words give your elevator pitch.
  4. Don’t ask for a job rather ask for advice?  People are happier to share advice.
  5. Don’t ask for a job but build your expert status through helping and answering questions on your strong areas.  Promote and share your achievements and accolades.  And write about it;  how did you achieve?
  6. Be honest and truthful; do not make up your achievements or current/past salary.  You will be trapped if not sooner but sooner later.
  7. Practice GIVE before you GET.