Buyer_2Sales Professionals are aware that BUYERS ARE SEARCHING PRODUCTS ONLINE.”    90% of the decision makers don’t take cold calls. Buyers who use social media have bigger budgets and make more frequent purchases.  Sales Professionals are aware that 50% – 70% of the sales cycle is completed before sales are called in.

Sales Professionals are also aware that there are different types of buyers and their purchase journey normally begins online and shaped by Search Engine, Online review sites; Reading online content (Blogs/websites/YouTube),  participating in online forums and groups; online recommendations and referrals.  There are primarily four types of buyers ….

  • TYPE # 1 BUYER: They have zeroed-in on the brand and supplier.  Generally they are repeat buyers of product/services and highly unlikely to change preferences unless they have received bad service/experience; the current supplier cannot meet their urgency or they read a compelling content.
  • TYPE # 2 BUYER: They have a shortlist of brands and suppliers they want to engage with.  Generally they are new users or may be an existing user of a brand.  They will visit review sites and compare.  Subsequently they visit online forums and groups to discuss need.  They join Social network to engage with current users of brands and suppliers and zero-in from the shortlist.
  • TYPE # 3 BUYER: They know they have a need but not sure which brand or suppler can meet their need.  Hence they join online groups, forums and discuss the need.  They engage with users to measure their experience, recommendations and advice.  They visit Blogs, Social Networks, websites and engage in discussions to shortlist vendors and brands.
  • TYPE # 4 BUYER: They are not aware that they have a need.  And then someone comes along;  word of mouth, a viral blog post or a YouTube and need is created.  They educate themselves online, engage with users forums for advice and then begin shaping their purchasing behavior.

Once you know the type of buyer and how they search for information; you can craft a focused strategy to reach (Platform) your buyers and shape their preferences.