Have you been to Sharjah corniche on Friday early morning ?  If you have, you would have noticed anglers with fishing rods resting on the fence.  They would crowd around the spot close to the abundant food floating on the sea surface.


Whenever anglers hook the fish, they start pulling and remove the fish.  Once again they would hook fresh bait, throw in the hook and wait for the fresh catch.   Many of the sales professional are like anglers, they would visit networking event; seminars and exhibition and tacitly introduce their wares and hook the customers.

There are Sales professionals who are like doctors, doctors who visit the patient and give them advise and medication to lower the fever.  And higher the education level of the doctor better is the patients trust and confidence in the doctor.  Similarly we have sales  consultants who would attract customer based on their education, experience and knowledge. They would act as consultant, take the customers watch and tell him the time.

Then we have the football players who work in a team.  Never keeping the ball for more than desired time and passing the ball to the next player better positioned at that time.  They may have a strategy or may not have a strategy.  If they do, they end up scoring and winning the game.  Similarly we have sales professionals who work in a team,  every member performing a very specific task, making  the cold call, preparing proposal, pre-sales consultancy, negotiation and closing the deal.

Then we have boxer who would sweat hard and harder they throw the punches assured is their victory.  Similarly we have sales professionals who would go on knocking the doors and  making cold calls till they start making sales.

Well every approach requires a different personality and it is paramount that you enjoy the game.  Be it an angler, be it a doctor, be it a football player or a boxer your objective is to throw the strongest punches and convert your sweat into equity.

Happy Reading