Sales leaders are continuously exploring, how to improve the sales revenue?   When I focused on the question, the answer began to appear.

If you ask your customer why did he buy your product?  You will get back an answer in absolute terms.

–      I bought it because of your SALES TEAM.

–      I bought it because of your ORGANIZATION brand image.

–      I bought it because of your PRODUCT brand image.

Now if you sit back and ponder over the answer; you will realize that at any given time there are two pillars to capitalize on.  If your customer crossed his cheque because of your SALES TEAM, it reflects that there is a room to capitalize on  your Organizations and Product brand.  And if he crossed cheque because of your Product brand image, then there is potential to capitalize on your Sales team and your Organizations brand image.

A great organization would work on all THREE PILLARSGreat Team; Great Product; Great Organization..……… realize their Vision & Mission.