In Selling profession its ACTIONS that speak louder than your ACADEMIC DEGREES. Find out what does your actions speak in Selling.

  1. You call on 2 current customers every day. It says you believe in life time value of your customers.
  2. You book your week in advance with 4 visits every day.  It says you are a planner.
  3. You reconfirm your meeting time.  It says you value your time and care about your customer in the event he has an urgent work.
  4. You plan your customers meet with your team prior to the visit.  It says you are a strategist.
  5. You reach 15 minutes early for the meeting.  It says you value your customer’s time.
  6. You reach 30 minutes before the presentation and rehearse in your customer meeting room.  It says you are perfect and don’t expect unexpected surprises.
  7. You put your cell phone on silent mode when participating in the meeting.  It says you respect others time.
  8. You take important notes during meeting and email the minutes of the meeting.  It says you are meticulous and reiterate what you and your customer agreed putting both of you on the same board.
  9. Every evening you spend 30 minutes reviewing your progress for the day.  It says you believe in learning from your errors and successes.
  10. You invest 20% of your time in training or reading books on your craft.  It says you believe in sharpening your saw.
  11. You invest time reading the best book on banking because you sell in banking industry.  It says you care and believe in being knowledgeable on your customers industry.
  12. You chit chat (social discussions) with your customer and connect at the personnel level.  It says you are human and you humanize the discussions.  Remember people purchase from people.
  13. You find out the likes, goals and aims of your customers and find means to help him achieve his personnel goals.  It says you care and empathize.  Remember if you want to succeed in life help enough people succeed in life.
  14. You make commitments and over deliver.  It says you are honest and believe in delivering value.
  15. You promise refund and accept penalties if promises not met.  It says you believe in yourself and your company.
  16. You ask your customers for the order when you have addressed all his concerns.  It says you are professional and mean business.
  17. You thank your customer for his order and write him an email reiterating the deliverables.  It says you believe in raising your customer’s confidence in you and your company.
  18. After delivering on your promises you request customer for testimonials and referrals.  It says you consider your customer as your partner.
  19. You create your customer community.  It says you believe in helping your customers by giving them a platform to share their knowledge.
  20. You write thank you, recommendations, recognitions and congratulations to your customers.  It says you CARE.
  21. You give business referrals to your customers.  It says you are different.

Change your actions and change your perception.