97% of people choose UNHAPPINESS over UNCERTAINTY and people who choose HAPPINESS make the difference.”   Happiness is not an elusive dream or geese flying in the sky beyond our reach.   Happiness is a choice that exists within your circle of influence.  Let’s observe how you can make yourself happy.  Read the list of “51” things for happiness and simply reading this list will uplift you and make you smile.  Smile, be happy and spread happiness like the fragrance of lavender.

1. Go take a bare feet walk on the grass early morning.

2. Laugh 3 times a day.

3. Smile for 30 minutes a day.

4. Be the first to welcome and greet people.

5. Read humour and watch humorous movies and shows.

6. Prepare “Not to do List” and outsource, let it die natural death, delegate or group it to be done during off time if necessary.

7. Take it easy because all is well.

8. Connect with happy people

9. Go out for an early morning walk with friends.

10.  Walk around the garden and explore something different everyday about the birds, plants and trees.

11. Wish someone happy birthday, happy anniversary.

12.  Celebrate occasions with friends

13.  Enjoy coffee with friends.

14.  Visit a library.

15.  Visit a Museum

16.  Take a boat ride in the evening.

17.  Arrange a cricket match with kids

18.  Baby sit kids.

19.  Take kids out to the zoo.

20. Fly a kite

21.  Watch the sun go down

22. Watch the sun rise.

23. Get soaked in the rain.

24.  Sleep under the stars.

25. Attend a  standup comedy show

26. Practice meditation 30 minutes a day.

27. Attend Vipasana camp

28. Help someone in need.

29. Give someone a gift.

30. Admit your mistakes and say sorry

31.  Say thank you for the small courtesy received.

32. Cook a meal for the loved one.

33. Enjoy Ikea breakfast during the weekend with family

34. Prepare a things to do list for the next day.

35. Get up an hour early and use the extra hour to flex your muscles.

36. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee early in the morning.

37. Arrange for a LCD projector and watch movie on the big screen at home.

38. Listen to a musical instrumental

39. Let someone drive you around

40. Get yourself a body massage

41.  Read a poem

42. Enjoy your movie eating Nacho with hot cheese.

43. Watch yourself making funny faces.

44. Draw a colourful picture.

45. Sing a song.

46. Pray

47.  Watch sea gulls resting on the shore.

48. Go hiking.

49. Camp overnight.

50. Give hope to people and uplift them out of the cloud.

51.  Spend time with your loved ones.

How do you feel now ?

Some people spread happiness wherever they go and some whenever they go….”be the former”