This morning I was talking to my younger daughter Alisha who has moved in to join Law College Hostel.  No sooner we finished the long distance conversation I became nostalgic and movie of my days in Delhi Public School – Mathura Road began playing. I was SKINNY & SKINNY and wished for a MUSCULAR body.

I joined DPS hostel when I was in the 7th standard and distinctly remember sitting down in the playing field when two burly boys came up and pushed me over.  I was hurt not physically but emotionally because I did not challenge them and you know why?  “Being mere outnumbered in size and numbers.”   This game continued whenever they would spot me and when they had time to prey. Those were the moments I wished, if I had known Karate or Judo and I could simply swing the two away.

Few months passed by and I was passing by the auditorium.  When I spotted a group of students practicing Judo and Wrestling.  I stopped to watch and for the next few days I would continually stop and watch them practice.  One bright day Mr. I.D. Mathur, he was the coach and physics teacher for senior classes, called me up and said “come and practice with us.”  I hesitated for a moment but somehow his confidence built up the courage in me and every afternoon I would join in the practice.  I began picking up the holds and tricks and started gaining on my MUSCLES.  And sooner started winning the wrestling and judo tournaments in school and interschool.

Now whenever I would spot the two burly boys they would take an about-turn.  And whenever I met them on the turn of the corridors, they would gaze down and avoid eye contact as if I did not exist in their vision.

I was pushed down, my ego was bruised.  And wished if I had known karate and judo so that I could beat them away. On the flip side I would have never picked up the holds and tricks in wrestling.  I would have never achieved my DREAM to be MUSCULAR if I was not motivated by the two burly friends who would prey until I joined the Wrestling team.

Message: Dreams are dreams unless you take the first step or it would be REMINDED as a BEATING – Choice is yours.