Last year, I bought a black Altima, because black looks elegant and there were not many black cars on the road.  But no sooner I got into the car; I started noticing black cars and black Altima’s racing down the road.  Isn’t this strange, you purchase a bright red T-shirt and you begin to notice others wearing a red T- shirt or you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and you begin to notice people using the same model of the tablet?

When, how and why does this happen? There is no scientific proof or credential to such a phenomena but said phenomena does take place. However, there are numerous best sellers authored on the subject. Some of them being:

–      Law of attraction

–      The Magic of thinking Big

–      Think and grow rich.

And all the content melts down to as beautifully said in the Swedish proverb “ Fear less, Hope more; Eat less, Chew more, Whine less, Breathe more: Talk less, Say more; Hate less, Love more and all the good things will be yours”

Now let’s take on another scenario which is very prevalent in the present global scene.  People are worried about businesses not performing and shedding jobs.  The focus on losing jobs and worry that has not happened yet begins to take shape in the form of bad performance and deteriorating health.  This is ironic because it only goes to prove that your thinking shapes your future.

So can you shape your future?  I believe with all the proof around us and within us, you can shape your future with your thinking.