This Friday morning I heard a project speech wherein the speaker mentioned few of the stalwarts who had sacrificed their comfort to comfort others.  And in the process they had reached realms of immense respect and honour.

It always happens that few words lubricate your thinking and so was my thinking engine too.  And a question popped into my mind.  How can I help 10,000 people?  Further is it feasible and how much time will it take me to achieve 10,000 milestone?

I set about thinking and defined my formula “WHAT CONSTITUTES HELP?”

  1. Listening to someone and offering words of support
  2. Mentoring
  3. Opening or holding the door for a stranger
  4. Helping a stranger  carry his overloaded arms with shopping bags
  5. Helping someone with directions
  6. Referring a stranger for a job
  7. Helping someone get up when they stumble
  8. Stopping your car to help someone change his car tyre
  9. Donating blood
  10. Distributing your old books to the labour camps
  11. Dropping someone to the hospital
  12. Helping a fellow passenger fill out immigration form.
  13. Distributing water bottles to the construction workers across your office
  14. Teaching blue collar worker people skills. ………………...  The list could be endless and is only limited by our thinking.

In my opinion,  the biggest challenge is to find people to help.  And your 2nd challenge is to identify areas you can help.  You have the blue print for your 2nd challenge and now begin finding 10,000 people 1 by 1  to help in next 20 year of your life.  Is it feasible?  Very much so.