Selling is hard because as a seller we are ignorant of what criteria buyer judge us. These judging criteria are executed at the buyer subconscious level and if the judgment is positive, the outcome is a SALE and if the judgment is negative, the outcome is NO SALE.

There are six judging criteria that help build trust.  And once you build the trust the cost of sales comes down.  Let me share six judging criteria (CLCDIR)

  1. COMMON INTEREST: How successfully you identify shared interests, values, and things between you and the buyer. What is one common thing between you and the buyer? If you don’t find anything common, invent one.
  2. LISTEN: How well you listen to buyer’s story. Do you listen to listen, listen to respond or listen to understand his problems?
  3. CAPABILITY: Are you competent at what you do? Do you have the required skill sets to deliver the output?
  4. DEPENDABILITY:  Can buyer trust you will do what you say? Will you meet your commitments?
  5. INTEGRITY: Can buyer trust you will do the right thing by the buyer even when it might be in your self-interest not to?
  6. RELATIONSHIP: How well does buyer know you? Can the buyer trust the strength and depth of your relationship?

As a SELLER if you address the six criteria (CLCDIR)  you have the sale else next.

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