Last Thursday I took time off to visit Ferrari World at Yas Island – Abu Dhabi and thereafter we took the time to visit IKEA. Being famished I straight walked into the IKEA cafeteria and  ordered a meal of Chicken shawarma with the soft drink. The meal was for two and very soon my stomach felt bloated. That’s when I started observing the ambience. I realised few important arrangements in IKEA Cafeteria that help shape visitors purchasing decisions and am sharing them in this post. 

  1. The cafeteria had a false lower ceiling (Smaller square net) giving a feeling of security to the visitors. You order more and eat more when you have a sense of security.
  2. Whereas the furniture display area had high ceiling encouraging visitors to think creatively and encourage snap purchase decision. However, display area did have a lower false ceiling but with bigger squares giving you the feeling of expansiveness.
  3. In the cafeteria – every table had a large hanging lamp arousing a feeling of warmth among the visitors.
  4. The tables were fairly far placed – giving a sense of privacy.
  5. The menu was simple and did not exceed 10 items. Every item on the menu was a wholesome meal and fairly standardised portion. This made it easy for visitors to make a choice.
  6. Large images of meals with price were put on the walls of the cafeteria. Now important observation is that images of meals were much larger than the images of price fonts. This increased the value of meal in context with the price displayed.
  7. The glasses provided for the unlimited carbonated drinks were small hence most visitors did not exceed two refills. (Cost saving)

Selling and purchasing are a science and businesses that exceed expectation leverage Social science in shaping customers decisions.