FACEBOOK JUNKIECocaine is addictive so is Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds and Facebook.  You spend little time with them and sooner you can’t think time without them.  Somehow you are magnetized and begin spending more and more on them and with them.   And if you continue on this trajectory you become the JUNKIE; impacting your physical and mental health.

A wise man said little is good but excess is fatal.  So how do you protect yourself from Facebook cocaine? The answer is identify your objective; what do you want to achieve from Facebook.  Is it to increase your network connections; maintain connect with your friends; post information or is it business?  Once you are clear with your objective move on to next three areas to get further clarity

  1. DISCIPLINE: Decide when and where you will access Facebook; not every time you receive the ping, not every time you pick up your Smartphone and neither when you switch on your Notebook.  Decide on the time, place and access devices.
  2. BUDGET: Budget your daily time on Facebook.  Set alarm when you are on the Facebook and cut off when the alarm goes on.
  3. AUTOMATE: Now there are many applications available that can automate & schedule your postings and save you time. Such as  http://www.postcron.com; www.hootsuit.com  for Facebook and Twitter.   There are many CRMS available that will provide you the snap shot or Dashboard of things to do and responses that you must attend to or delegate.  Begin using such tools.  Such as www.nimble.com CRM

The objective is not to cut off from Facebook or other social media platform but to achieve MORE in less time.  And utilize the time saved on more productive activities such as book reading.