Twitter-ListGive me a Lever Long Enough and a place to sand and I will move the earth.  Said Archimedes around 2000 years ago.  Prudent words are more portent in the Digital economy wherein

  • EARTH represents your CUSTOMERS
  • LEVER represent LIST function and
  • ARCHIMEDES represents YOU – wherein your success is dependent on when, where and how you leverage your resources.

Sales landscape is shifting. Customers are already engaging with your products and services before you even know it.  Prudent use of Twitter can help you bring closer to your customers early in the Sales cycle.

Twitter is a powerful Social Selling tool box and LIST FUNCTION is a POWER tool but little understood in your tool box.  Let’s examine what is LIST and how can you leverage LIST FUNCTION to help you Curate Content, Qualify Prospects Early in the Sales Cycle and fill your Sales pipeline with leads?

  • LIST: A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. Viewing a list timeline will show you a stream of Tweets from only the users on that list.List-2
  • LIST ACCESS: You can create a list that could be private or public.  LIST reduces clutter so that you can focus on Potential TWEETS only.
  • PROSPECT LIST: You can create a list of your targeted companies to follow and track tweets. Look for triggers for purchase, help or changes in the organization.
  • PROSPECT MUTE LIST: You can create list of MUTE (Potential professionals – Management buyer, User, Technology buyer, Economic Buyer) in your Customers companies and track their tweets.  Keep an eye for TRIGGERS for purchase or request for help.
  • PARTNERS LIST: Create your partners list and explore how and where they can help leverage sale or extend you a referral to new business.List-3
  • CUSTOMERS CUSTOMER LIST: You maintain LIST of your customers. Similarly your customers maintain list that could comprise customers, potential leads, competitors or partners.  Does not matter; every list of your customer could be a potential lead for new business or a lead to leverage the sale.  You can SUBSCRIBE to Customers list thus saving you resources to build one. 
  • INFLUENCERS OR GURU LIST: You can follow industry influencers and Industry Gurus in your industry and benefit from their list by subscribing to it.  This could help you in getting relevant and excellent content resource to share with your customers.

To learn  to create a list;  to add or remove people from your lists; to follow subscribe to others list click   

Twitter LIST is a powerful TOOL and its Power of Leverage is limited to your imagination.