L1If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or the marketing manager, then you are tasked with driving your company’s value proposition.  And LinkedIn Company page is the most powerful tool to build brand image but neglected until now.  In this blog I will share tips on “How should BUSINESS engage on LinkedIn.


  1. Blue Ocean: Create your LinkedIn profile and your company page.  Optimize your LinkedIn profile and company page. Once created your professional profile will reflect a hyperlink to your company page. There are over 3.1 Million company pages and they are under-utilized. Company page is still a Blue Ocean domain – capitalize on its power before it turns Red Ocean.
  2. Showroom: Create your products and services on the LinkedIn page.  This is your Showroom to the LinkedIn world hence create sticky content to describe your products and services.
  3. Follow:  Request and offer rewards to your connections to follow your company page.
  4. Invitation:  Invite your prospects and customers to follow your Company page.
  5. Testimonials: Ask your customers for products and services recommendations.
  6. Halo Effect: Periodically post meaningful and sticky content to create Halo effect.  Ask connections to Like, Share and comment. 
  7. Law of Reciprocity: Like, comment and share your connections content. 
  8. Competition: Track your competition by ..
    • Following competition company page.
    • What is happening or how is your competition behaving.
    • Who is coming on board or who is exiting your competition.


  1. Showroom: Advertise your product and service on LinkedIn company page.
  2. PPC – Profile Generated: Unlike Google (PPC) keyword generated;  LinkedIn targeted marketing is Profile Generated. It provides you a wider choice of filters ie, demographics and psychographics hence its focused and very powerful.
  3. Result: LinkedIn is 3 times more powerful then Twitter and Facebook to convert prospect to customer.
  4. You can measure ROI by calculating number of clicks billed v/s number of enquiries received or conversions.


  1. There are over 2.2 Million Groups on the LinkedIn.
  2. Build your Tribe: Create a LinkedIn Group reflecting community of your business domain or a community of your Customers.
  3. Engagement: Encourage members to participate to share, post and express opinion on the posts.
  4. Join other Groups aligned with your business domain.
  5. Expert Status: Establish your expert status by periodically posting meaningful posts and respond to questions posted by the members of the Group.


  1. 80/20 Rule: Practice 80/20 Rule – 80% engagements with your connections in the Group and company page.  And 20% ( serious engagement) convert it into a meeting or  a skype call.
  2. Check “People who view your profile”: Tag and investigate those profiles for possible economic opportunities.


  1. Talent Acquisition: Post positions that you want to fill in your Company under Jobs on company page.
  2. Click on advanced search and search for Talent profiles that you may want to hire.

LinkedIn is a wholesome experience for your professional network in your business domain. With over 3.1 Million company pages and over 259 Million professionals you have the right eye balls for your products and services.  The question is are you engaging with your connections consistently with sticky content ?