THE World is aiming for VALUE whereas VALUE for the materialistic world is sliding down and VALUE for time is climbing up.  To realize more VALUE the mantra is Achieve more with less”.

And people who Achieve more with lessare the most successful people.  They continually practice POWER OF 10”………………………

  1. Automate routine processes. [The 4 HOUR WORK WEEK – Timothy Ferris]
  2. Be creative – use disruptive technologies and ideas. [BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY]
  3. Duplicate successful processes and improve. [MICROSOFT]
  4. Focus on high impact activities. [TIME MANAGEMENT]
  5. Get more done from their team. [GOOGLE & ZAPPOS ]
  6. Grow people around. [JACK WELCH]
  7. Increase productivity – fail faster to get faster experience. [JIM ROHN]
  8. Leverage connections, strengths and skills. [JOHN LAFLEY – P&G]
  9. Outsource less paying jobs and activities. [ NIKE & DELL]
  10. Use scientific tools. [IBM & INTEL]

And continuallyachieve more with less