You are being watched by Hackers, Stalkers, Employers, Federal agents (PRISM in US) and Insurance companies.  Hence be careful and in this post I am sharing tips on Digital Etiquette and how to protect from Digital Enemies.

  1. Create and keep strong password
  2. Protect your computer install good SECURITY SOFTWARE to protect against MALWARE, IDENTITY THEFT and DATA THEFT.
  3. Don’t give up information that identifies you and could be the cause for IDENTITY THEFT  INCLUDING  
    • Your Home Address
    • Phone number
    • Your long trips Away from Home
    • Short trips away from home
    • House layout
    • Your risky behavior
  4. Third Party applications such as ONLINE GAMES can access profile information through malicious links and files. The information gathered through this can be used for various reasons such as spam e-mails and criminal activity. Ensure to always click on links from trusted sources.
  5. Use the ‘DO NOT TRACK feature on your browser while visiting websites
  6. Clear COOKIES from your system regularly
  7. Use A SECONDARY E-MAIL ID (not used for personal mailing) for sign-ups
  8. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) – a VPN allows you to encrypt your signal, making your IP address completely illegible to hackers.
  9. Know your PRIVACY SETTING, who can see your posts and who doesn’t.
  10. Don’t upload INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES that you would be ashamed 2 years later.
  11. Don’t PROMOTE YOURSELF TOO MUCH and like share other important relevant content.
  12. EXPLOITATION:  In cyber world People usually tend to update status such as ‘going out with family for dinner at 9’, ‘visiting Dubai on the 25th with family’ and other such messages. These are bits of information that can be exploited by cyber attackers. They can plan to rob the house on the day the family is out or stalk the family at the location mentioned in the status update.
  13. Avoid topics on  Sex, Religion and Politics
  14. Know who to add and who not to add
  15. Stop and think before your click to purchase
  16. Put up a professional profile picture on Social Media sites.

Trust the above helps you towards a safer journey in your digital world