Robots came and then followed Bots – Jarvis, Siri, Cortana and so on. Sooner Robots acquired more intelligence and began replacing jobs. Jobs are being lost by self-driven vehicles, robots in warehousing, robots in health care and so on.  Every job is in danger of annihilation at some point of time in the future and solutions are being debated across the global economies.

In the early nineties during the Industrial revolution (assembly line revolution); we tried making humans as robots whereas now we are working on making Robots as humans. Having said that “my two cents” is “ROBOTS ARE ROBOTS AND THEY CANNOT BE HUMANS.”    But how do you future-proof Human career?

The simple tactic to beat Robots is “STOP ACTING LIKE A ROBOT” and be HUMAN. Deliver your job with humanity hence sharpen your human skills and FEW of them are …..

  1. LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Skills to lead people and lead with a vision
  2. HUMOUR SKILLS: Skills to craft fun in the work environment and “anything made fun gets done.”
  3. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Skills  to deconstruct complex process and explain them in simple language
  4. COLLABORATION SKILLS: Skills to collaborate across global economies and deliver results
  5. CREATIVITY SKILLS: Skills to think out of the box and add value to people’s life.

Human skills require humans and social engagements hence choose any of the two skills and sharpen them to future-proof your career.