Social_ProofLinkedIn Skills & Endorsements and Recommendations are the engine that helps Recruiters find you.  They may be a small share of the profile but it reflects Social Proof for Recruiters and extends you an edge over other shortlisted candidates.  Here is my take  on the two …..

Skills &  Endorsements:

  1. LinkedIn limits 50 skills to be displayed on your Profile.
  2. REDUCE CLUTTER: Select between 25 – 30 relevant skills and add it to your Profile. Begin with 10 skills and then increase it to 25 or 30.
  3. REMOVE NON-RELEVANT SKILLS: In the event you have been endorsed for irrelevant skill set;  promptly remove it and investigate (Profile) why such skill set appears on your profile.  (Sometime back CRM skill (non-relevant) appeared in my profile)
  4. KEY SKILLS: Among the 25 – 30 skills identify 4 skills that are your key skills and your Profile’s driving engine. Sprinkle those skills in your Title, Summary profile, experiences and your Blog Posts.Skills-000
  5. ENGAGE: (Like, Share, Comment) Engage your connections content that include mention of those key words ( 4 Skill Set)
  6. TRENDING SKILLS: Search for Trending Skills in your industry domain and include them as part of your Top 6 skills.  Such as if you are in Information Technology industry, its SMAC  ( Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing)
  7. SEO: Your key skills (Top 4 skills) are your SEO hence ensure that your every engagement incorporates mention of those skills.


  1. SOCIAL PROOF: Recommendations are a Social Proof. If I speak about my achievements, it’s called BOASTING but if others mentions it, it’s called RECOMMENDATIONS.  
  2. WHO SHOULD RECOMMEND YOU: Your immediate boss followed by business head at your customer is the right recommendation author.  The most valued recommendation is from your immediate boss. Keep a lookout for such opportunity to request your boss or your customer for recommendations.
  3. Include your top four key skills in your recommendations
  4. STORY: Let your recommendations author include a story; why they are recommending you.

Your LinkedIn profile is your DIGITAL REPUTATION working 24×7, empowering others to  find you online.



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