Someone said if you have the best product, the world will beat the way to your door.  That’s not true unless you are a pied piper.  Product is important so do the right  set of prospects.  So how and where do you find prospects for your products?  I am sharing “24” activity, secrets and tips to find prospects for your products.

  1. Get referrals from your friends, customers, suppliers, partners and events.
  2. Sell to your business partners and supplier/customers of your business partners
  3. Sell to your customers &  customers Suppliers and partners
  4. Upsell within your customer organization.
  5. Cross sell within your customers organization
  6. Conduct a marketing email campaign
  7. Advertise in the news paper
  8. Advertise in the online magazine, and online Newspaper
  9. Cold calling
  10. Capture visitors visiting your web
  11. Create a sales pitch on your web site.
  12. Create a  sales pitch web page/Facebook page and use Google addwords.
  13. Requests leads from participants in networking events & forums such as BNI and other
  14. Hire short terms tele sales team on result basis.
  15. Hire contact center services to generate prospects and/or sell for you.
  16. Attend  business forums and pitch your services.
  17. Attend social forums and pitch your business introduction.
  18. Conduct event – Sales; Technology and Education event
  19. Conduct joint sales & marketing events with your partners and others.
  20. Partner with other organsaitons sales team to find leads for your products on bilateral referral basis
  21. Create Twitter account and pitch your services.
  22. Target new business or businesses moving premises or opening branch offices through business forums, Chamber of commerce, Economic department Municipality, Telco’s
  23. Conduct an SMS campaign
  24. Conduct a radio on air campaign.

Enjoy  closing business


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