Expo111Dubai has been chosen to host Expo 2020.  And authorities have assured that it would be the best event ever hosted around the globe.  It’s around 6 years’ time to prepare and test the mettle.   And in the next 6 years technology will change, demographics will change and things that we had taken for granted may not be there or required anymore.  Let me share my thoughts on self-development to prepare for the upcoming paradigms shift towards Dubai Expo 2020.

  1. MOBILITY:   PCs, Notebook may have disappeared by 2020 and replaced by a majority population of Smartphone devices.  Hence if you don’t have a smartphone, invest in one and teach yourself the uses of Mobile device including mobile payment and an access device.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Build your profile and significant presence on the Social Media.  Use the platform for marketing, PR and building up your Expert status.  Get a head start.
  3. NETWORK: Network like crazy.  Think local and act global. Develop your network in 60/40 proportion.  60% local and 40% global. Your Network will be your Net-worth.
  4. DIGITAL TOOLS:  Information is exploding at an exponential rate and unless you have tools to manage the deluge, you will fail.  Hence begin using digital tools to optimize and automate your work.  Further use digital tools to unclutter and ensure only meaningful information lands on your desktop.  Read “FOUR HOURS WORK WEEK” by Tim Ferris
  5.  LEARN ALTERNATE SKILLS to develop a steady revenue stream.  By 2020 jobs utility will be delivery. Upon delivery you move forward, hence you will need a regular revenue stream to sustain so learn new skills for sustained revenue.
  6. SHARPEN YOU THINKING SKILLS – Business will pay for NEW and UNIQUE.  Business will not pay for cutting cost but ideas that will create Blue Ocean revenue stream.  Hence sharpen your thinking skills.  Read SIX THINKING HATS”  by Edward De Bono
  7. Optimize your REMOTE WORKING SKILLS; Anywhere, Anytime and Anyplace.  Master audio, video conferencing and collaboration applications.  Master Cloud applications.
  8. CREATE YOUR TRIBE: Create followers who will promote your work.  Read book by Seth Godin Tribe
  9. IDENTIFY YOUR ROLE MODEL and duplicate their success formula.  Time to deliver would become shorter hence find your Role Model or a horse to ride and simply duplicate what they have been doing.  No need to reinvent copy and paste for quick turnaround.
  10. LEARN SPEED READING:  There is information deluge; master Speed Reading.
  11. TRENDS: Track emerging trends specially Technology trends.  Read Gartner reports.  Person who conquers technology will conquer future.
  12. And finally.  Learn to express your OPINION and maximize your DECISIONS per day.

Nothing is constant except change, so change to conquer FUTURE 2020


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