kids.sand.111As we grow up the demands on our time and resources shoots an upward trajectory. The demand plants stress and depression in our fertile mind. How can you insulate yourselves from perceived stress and depression? Simply follow Rule of Three ….

1. 30 MINUTES: Get up early and take a “TALL WALK” walk in the park. This has multiple benefits

  • Research says that sunlight acts as a refresher tonic.
  • Colour green sprouts up the mood like the sprouting seeds impacting our overall well-being. 
  • Walking tall peps up your confidence.
  • Walking for 30 minutes massages your body muscle increase flow of blood thus acting as a lubricant. Further it enhances the flow of positive hormones in your body.

2. 3 MINUTES: Gaze up in the sky for next 3 minutes. And while gazing count the birds, play with shape of clouds or simply day dream. Chin up gazing uplifts and brings in positive mindset. This too has multiple benefits

  • When you look up towards RIGHT you access stored memories part of your brain – Good exercise to ruminate on past success/past images/experiences.
  • When you look up towards LEFT you access creativity/construction part of your brain.
  • Further Chin up is a good exercise to firm up your neck muscles.

3. 5 MINUTES: Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and hmmm OM. This too has multiple impact

  • a. Sharpens your focus.
  • b. The OM sound acts like a balm on your nerves.

Incorporate Rule of “3” tips in your lifestyle and get back your OPTIMISM in next 20 days.