You are visiting a prospect for the first time.  When you enter his office you notice his family photograph taken in your home town.  What do you do?

      1. You don’t bring up the topic of your home town.
      2. You bring the topic of your home town when taking leave of your customer.
      3. You bring the topic of your home town right at the beginning of discussions. 

Your correct answer reflects that you have the DNA to Connect and the wrong answer mirrors that Connect skills need polishing. 

Sales profession is the most challenging profession and also a much maligned too.  Having said that its one of the oldest profession and also one of the most demanding in todays connected world.  There are numerous sales methodologies and mantras written and propagated.  And if you Google for “SALES TRAINING” it will throw up “ABOUT 565,000,000 RESULTS” IN 0.29 SECONDS.  Having said that I would say that lets make it simpler and I would share simple process that even a 6 years old kid will understand to master the sales skills.  I call this formula   “CFIT”  Pronounced as “See fit”

  1. Connect
  2. Flow
  3. Impression
  4. Trust

Connect:  Connection is established when you find a common ground of interest between you and your prospect and that could be hobby, friend, education, culture.  This is your glue.  Use your imagination to find the common ground.   Begin your discussions with that common ground topic.  One of my close successful acquaintance uses the common mother tongue as the connect. 

Flow: Once you have connected with your prospect, you must engage your customer in a continuous dialogue.  And one of the best techniques I would share is the following statement          

That’s INTERESTING or that’s INNOVATIVE followed by

  1. Tell me more.
  2. Why do you say/do/ask that?
  3. How do you do/say/make that? 

Impression: Impression is created by communicating “3” things.

  1. Product: Knowledge about your product and services.
  2. Business: Knowledge about your customer business.
  3. Advise: Advising your customer how your product can help him to address his business challenges and beat the competition/make profit.  It would be nicer if you can find him a new angle or solution to his problems. The objective is to establish you as an expert. 

Trust: Trust is established through delivering on your commitment and promises BEFORE TIME. 

In conclusion I would say “Bring the topic of your home town right at the beginning of your discussions.”   And move ahead to collect your sale.