Microsoft paid USD 26.2 Billion for LinkedIn and the deal was sealed in December 2016.   With Microsoft label – LinkedIn has emerged as a PROFESSIONAL BRANDING Goliath wherein you are known by the content you consume, churn and create on LinkedIn.  Your LinkedIn activity either adds, reduce or diffuses your brand value.

  1. PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS: Your Profile Wall Image is your real estate.  Paint it with meaningful image and your UNIQUE TEXT MESSAGE.
  2. THE FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION: Your LinkedIn PHOTO is your first impression on LinkedIn. People make snap decisions when they look at your image.  Just like you dress smart when you visit your prospect – upload your professional photo with suit and a tie.  LinkedIn is a global platform and your image transcends global geographies.
  3. ELEVATOR PITCH: Your Title of 120 characters is your 30 seconds elevator pitch. Tell them who you are? Who do you help and How do you help?
  4. SALES PITCH: Your summary of 2000 characters is your Sales pitch. Tell your story enveloping Feature, Advantage and Benefits. Include images of your achievements/testimonials from YouTube and Slideshare.
  5. SOCIAL PROOF : Your skills and Endorsements are your social proof. It reflects how first degree connections perceive you.   You can add upto 50 skills on your profile.  Limit your profile to 25 skills and focus on accumulating endorsement for 3 – 4 key skills.
  6. YOU ARE KNOWN BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP: Join relevant groups. You can join upto 100 groups but Limit your membership to relevant groups. Participate and engage members in your industry groups.   “Engagement creates visibility and visibility creates opportunity.”
  7. YOUR CHOICES MAKE YOU: Chose to follow relevant company and influencers. Learn from them.
  8. FORMAL EDUCATION WILL MAKE YOU A LIVING; SELF-EDUCATION WILL MAKE YOU A FORTUNE – JIM ROHN. Create a list of 25 power connections; chose 3 – 4 connections as your VIRTUAL MENTORS. Learn from their profile and engagements. 
  9. IF YOU WERE CONNECTED TO WARREN BUFFET, WOULD YOUR PERCEPTION OF YOURSELF WILL CHANGE? Make meaningful connections and engage with meaningful connections. As a yardstick accept invites that has professional head shot, clear title, Experience and upto 50 connections – this is my philosophy; what is yours?
  10. AUTHORITY: Create and Curate meaningful snack bite content that resolves industry  Use google alert and to curate content.
  11. SAVE TIME – AUTOMATE: Use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to automate postings. Plan posts when your connections are online.
  12. RESEARCH: Use LinkedIn Advance Search to research your customers, potential prospects and Segment your prospects list. Use Boolean search.
  13. InMail: Give referrals and ask for referrals. Make referral part of your daily routine.  Use InMail for referrals.  Use your ALUMNI for referrals.