How do you INCREASE  Sales Revenue year on year ?

This is a perennial question that challenges management of every company. After pondering I could think of two parameters that would contribute towards increase in the sales revenue i.e

  1. Increase sales targets of your field force.
  2. Increase head count of your field force.

The irony is many of the organizations fail to provide meaningful answers; how can field sales force achieve the increased sales targets ?  And this is one of the major factor  that field force feels let down year after year.   However there are four distinct areas through which field sales force achieve the increased sales targets ?

  1. Sell Additional new products.
  2. Sell in the new territory.
  3. Bright spot: Upsell and cross sell in your existing customers.
  4. Increase effectiveness through training.

The 2nd aspect is to increase the sales force head count ; that requires pure mathematical skills to mirror the organization revenue targets. This includes increasing your

  1. internal sales team head count.
  2. your reseller’s head count.
  3. your resellers team head count.

Having said that there is a NEW angle to the Increase your head count and i.e. Virtual Sales Force or automating your sales cycle such as being achieved by giants including;; Zappos; Dell’s direct selling model and others. This is about developing an effective eCommerce platform/Virtual Sales Force and automating the marketing, sales, quotations, order booking and collection process; thus selling 24×7  across the globe.