Many theories have been compounded to leverage business strategies such as

–        Porters “5” Forces

–        Ansoff Product and Market Growth strategy

–        Mckinsey growth strategy

–        Boston Consulting Group matrix

All theories are gold for the present market context but they miss  few power equalizer being leveraged in the current scenario’s.  And I would like to share them in this blog.

Eco-System: Marc Benioff chairman and CEO of once remarked that Steve Jobs gave him a powerful advise when he said “Build an ecosystems” around your products. And that has changed the business paradigms for just the way it impacted Apple products growth.

Better, Faster and Cheaper: If you are thinking setting up business; don’t think money,  think how you will help resolve customers problems; may be in a better fashion, faster and cheaper.  And if you can do that you will beat your path to the success.

Leverage Partnership: Someone said “If you want to succeed; find a horse to ride.”  What if you find a horse that sees a horse in you as well.  Steven covey calls this win win wherein you  leverage each other’s strengths and the customers base.

Hence next time when you are thinking business think eco-systems; think better, faster and cheaper; think leveraging partnership.