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On November 29, 2010; accompanied by my technical consultant, I arrived at the customers site for a technical solution presentation.  No sooner had we set up our notebook, customer’s team walked in.  I was happy to see them since one of the team members was a good friend and an old business acquaintance of mine.   Having said that, I complemented him “You have lost weight; how much did you lose?”  And he replied.  Acknowledging his answer I said, “Fourteen kilos, how did you do that?”  He replied back by saying that he had in fact lost 40 kilos. I gasped for breath and retorted, “40 kilos?!” as if to reconfirm whilst I lifted 40 kilos of disbelief.  “How much time did it take for you to lose 40 kilos?”  And once again his reply left me astounded; 10 months! I.e. from February 2010 onwards. ..

Now, I was more curious to know how he achieved it.   He shared a simple but effective formula that made sense.  And it was no secret; we are familiar with the formula and still go about in circles searching for it in books, training classes, gurus and quick fixes.

His formula to lose weight was simple; an hour of brisk walk every day, avoid large meal and break your large meals into small 8 – 10 portions and spread them across the day, So that you are never full neither famished.  Cut down and eliminate sweets and carbonated drinks.  Discipline yourself to practice the guideline every day.  And  if we breakdown the formula into simple steps it moulds as such

  1. Process…………….. (Define the process and visualize the end result in your minds.)
  2. Discipline
  3. Baby steps
  4. Practice ……….… (Repetition)

It struck me that this simple yet powerful secret could be applied to achieve anything and everything in life.   It starts with a definite process, work with discipline, progress by the taking of baby steps and repeat them. Over time, you are sure to experience a compound effect.

Having said that; I am reminded of a quote, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

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  1. Great piece of wisdom to start a day with.. in fact, knowingly or unknowingly we end up spending so much of time, money & effort to realize these simple yet practical tips..

    thanks for sharing

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