How to Read LinkedIn member BEHAVIOR

How to Read LinkedIn member BEHAVIOR


You can make informed decision on LinkedIn members behaviours, when you “VIEW RECENT ACTIVITY” under “VIEW PROFILE AS” of  a LinkedIn member.  And the information provided is 

  1. RECENT ACTIVITY: You can find out if a member is active  on LinkedIn (Engaging other post with Like, Share and Comment or posting content).  You can find this information by the observing dashboard on top  ( Recent Activity =  # sum total of members activities) – Past 30 – 90 days activities
  2. FOLLOWERS: The page also tells you how many LinkedIn members are following (Numbers) the profile.
  3. TIME TO ENGAGE: Every post alongside displays when was the post shared – Time lapsed.  Hence you can find out the approximate time slot to engage the member with content to influence decisions
  4. INTEREST: You can find the member’s interest by observing TOPICS of posts members engages with.
  5. INFLUENCER: You can discover who is influencing the member by observing the member’s post he/she engages with.  And who he follows – Groups, Companies, Influencers.

The above information provides you interesting PSYCHOGRAPHICS into member’s behaviors to make informed decisions.


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