Keep_In_touchThe heart of LinkedIn is Engagement because “Engagement creates Visibility and Visibility creates Opportunities.”  Under connections LinkedIn provides you a feature KEEP IN TOUCH” that provides window to engage your connections at various levels.  Engagements happen at three different levels.  And they are …..

  • LEVEL # 1: When you click “KEEP IN TOUCH”;  it opens up a new window and first half of the screen displays connections who have Birthday, Has New Job, Published a New Post, Work Anniversary.  Hence at first level engage prospects on their “Birthday”, “Has a New Job” and “work anniversary.”  Wish; congratulate them with your personalized message.  Keep track of  “Has a New Job” – because professionals with new job are 90% more likely to switch vendors.Con_1
  • LEVEL # 2: Published a New Post: Identify and filter connections and content that you will engage with. (For example you will engage content on Cloud Computing and Published by Title – IT Manager, CIO, IT Director) Engage content with Like, Share and Comment.Con_2
  • LEVEL # 3: ENGAGE WITH INSIGHT: Create your content on Topic of interest and categories them into three tiers; (1) Awareness: Why (2) Consideration: What (3) Decision: Testimonials and ROI.  Create a repository of three types of content and Engage audience with the right content at the right time.  But How ? ……..
    • How : Scroll down to the second half of the screen and you will notice.. “Sort by Recent Conversation” and “Filter by all Contacts” the two features allow you to filter the target audience and send them content individually or in a Group with bcc feature.

Follow the above rules and you are an engaged connection on LinkedIn