L1People ask “Can you close business on LinkedIn?”    If you want to find out read this post.    LinkedIn is Social Selling and SOCIAL SELLING is about RELATIONSHIP and SOCIAL DATA. Here are Cutting Edge tips Top Sales people use to close business on LinkedIn. 

  1. SPREAD THE CUSTOMER TOUCH POINT: Tops Sales people connect with their customers.  They also connect with other people in the customer organization thus mitigating the risk.  Hence even if the main contact is upset, leaving or absent Tops Sales people have the second tier contact to sail through. ACTION PLAN: Ensure that you are connected to at least 5 people in your customer’s organization.
  2. GROUP: Tops Sales people check what group prospects belong to.  And then they join the group with an intent to engage the prospects with meaningful exchange of information. Top Sellers are members of 30 – 40 LinkedIn Groups at any given time and their intent is to engage prospects and customers with meaningful discussions.  ACTION PLAN: Identify 25 top prospects and find what groups they are members; join that group and engage them on weekly basis with meaningful discussions.
  3. FOLLOW COMPANIES:  Tops sales people follow their customer’s company page and track new progress or changes within the organization.  ACTION PLAN: Identify top 25 prospects and track their company pages for new opportune business developments. 
  4. RESEARCH: Top Sales people use LinkedIn as a powerful research tool such asThey research people before they meet them. Thus reading their professional profile and identify what common things they share with them.
    1. Do advance search and find out who could they contact in the prospect company.
    2. They track company announcements and who has joined and who has left.
    3. ACTION PLAN: For the next 7 days research every prospects before meeting and list down 3 common things you share with your prospect.  Begin your chit chat with similarity you share. 
  5. QUALITY PROSPECTS LIST: Tops Sales people create a high quality prospect list and pitch their products and services.   No more D&B list or yellow pages. ACTION PLAN: Go to network and search for relevant designation in your business domain and engage them.
  6. PROFILE : Top Sales people maintain a professional photograph and impactful 120 character message to define how and who they can help.  This information appears first when someone searches for you.
  7. EXPERT STATUS: Top Sales people participate in Group discussions and focus on their core competency hence very quickly they attain subject matter expert.  There expertise is referred by LinkedIn group members creating business revenue stream.  ACTION PLAN: Begin your participation in Group discussions by beginning new discussion, responding to questions and sharing/liking members responses.
  8. SHARE INFORMATION: Top Sales people periodically share important information with their customers and prospects.  The content could be self-generated or user generated.  ACTION PLAN: Create list of your top 25/50 prospects and on weekly basis email them useful content.
  9. CRY OF HELP:  Top Sales people track twitter and LinkedIn timeline for distress calls from their prospects.  Be it pain, help, dissatisfaction; Top Sales people promptly grab the opportunity and offer solution.  ACTION PLAN: Track on twitter your top 50 prospects list.
  10. IN MAIL: Top Sales people keep in touch with their customers through in-mail; emailing business relevant information.
  11. SUCCESS STORY: Top Sales people share success stories across the domain with relevant personalities. ACTION PLAN: Share success stories with your customers and prospects once every month.
  12. REFERRAL: Top Sales people use referral to connect with their prospect. This increases your probability of getting prospects attentionACTION PLAN: Plan on getting 1 referral contact every week.
  13. VIRTUAL TO REALITY:  When the discussion between seller and buyer reaches a maturity level ; Top Sales people move the discussions to skype or one on one to closure.  ACTION PLAN: Plan to convert 1 virtual discussion every week into skype or real world 

In the final note I would reiterate that B2B selling is maturing into a social selling.  LinkedIn provides fertile platform for FARMERS and HUNTERS to FARM and HUNT for  prospects and converting  them into customers.  Good luck.