Digital Transformation (DX)  is not a buzz word.  It’s how Technology is shaping our lives including Health, Self-development, Education, Entertainment, Finance and Toastmasters.  Simply to understand requires replacing our legacy mindset and having a Foresight.

Technologies such as CLOUD COMPUTING, SOCIAL MEDIA, VIRTUAL REALITY, AUGMENTED REALITY, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, BIG DATA, FACIAL RECOGNITION, BOTS, ROBOTICS and many more are converging to disrupt our lives.  However, in this Blog, I am sharing my Opinion – “How  I see Digitalization Impacting Toastmasters Program  in next 2 – 4 years times.”  

  • TECHNOLOGY WILL FIND FOR YOU THE RIGHT CLUB: (BOT) You are flying from Dubai to Paris on a business trip. You land in Paris, finish your business meetings by 3:00 pm and your flight is at 4:00 am next morning.  You ponder and decide to attend a Toastmasters club meeting.   You speak to your VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (BOT) and ask him “ Please research an English speaking Toastmasters club within 10 Km radius of  my Hotel that has members from Banking community in the age group of 30 years – 45 years.”  Your Virtual Assistant promptly finds a club within a 10 KM radius, calls for a taxi and also alerts the club president that you are visiting.  And this is done seamlessly in a Flow.
  • TECHNOLOGY WILL ACT AS YOUR INTERPRETER: You reach the club venue but need directions to reach the club location. You stop a passerby and ask him for directions.  Since you don’t speak French you take the help of Mobile App.  Now your Mobile App Communicates with passerby and translates French response in English to you.
  • TECHNOLOGY WILL PROVIDE YOU A VIRTUAL AUDIENCE TO PRACTICE YOUR SPEECH:  ( Virtual Reality – Oculus Rift, Sony PSV, HTC vive, Samsung ) You are expected to deliver PROJECT 1 – ICE BREAKER next week.  You have a fear of Public Speaking.  You put on your OCULUS Rift and instruct it to download your club audience.  Now you can practice delivering your speech to your club members in a virtual club environment.  Your mind does not differentiate between Virtual experience and actual experience.  You can choose to deliver your speech to any type of audience including Heads of Asian countries or at the World TM international platform.  Virtual reality is being currently utilized to treat people of common phobia such as height, water, and others.  Virtual reality is also being utilized to alleviate the pain of burn patients during treatment.
  • TECHNOLOGY WILL PROVIDE YOUR AUDIENCE EVALUATION: (Artificial Intelligence) You want unadulterated feedback from your club members. You download an appropriate Mobile app on your iPhone. The Mobile app captures club member’s gestures during your project delivery and provides you deep analytics on how did your audience evaluate the speech and scope for improvements.
  • TECHNOLOGY WILL SELECT THE RIGHT TOPIC FOR THE TARGET AUDIENCE: (Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Big Data): You are expected to deliver your Project -9 – Inspire your Audience speech but not sure what Topic to choose.  You request your Virtual Assistant to recommend you the right fit (Topic) for the Club audience.  Virtual Assistant runs through social media profiles of your club members and shortlists the Topic that will most likely appeal to the club audience.   Many heads of the nations have utilized services of technology companies to read sentiments of voters and shape them.  Check out “Big data and psychographic profiling helped Donald Trump win the US presidential election”
  • TECHNOLOGY WILL CRAFT YOUR PERSONALISED SPEECH: (Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Big Data): Your Project Speech topic is ready;  now you have to craft the speech.  You scan the objectives of your speech into the Mobile app and instruct it to create  750 words speech and enrich it with your experiences experienced in the year 2014 – 2016.  Mobile apps scan your Social Media engagements between 2014 – 2016, picks up two incidences and immerses it in your 750 words speech.
  • TECHNOLOGY WILL REVEAL YOU JUDGES DECISION: (Artificial Intelligence, facial Recognition, Big Data) You are competing in the Area Contest and eager to find how judges have marked your delivery.  Simply let Mobile app read the Judge’s gestures and it will reveal Judge’s verdict before its announced at the close of the contest.

Now what I have shared in my blog post is not SCIENCE FICTION but a SCIENTIFIC FACT because its happening in some form in our world.  And time is not far when you will have easy access to such TECHNOLOGY CONVENIENCES to make you a better speaker.