MentorWhat did Sun Microsystems find when they followed the career progression of around 1,000 employees over a 5-year period?

  1. Employees who had mentors were approximately 20% more likely to get a raise than people who did not have mentors.
  2. 25% of Employees who had mentors received a raise – versus only 5% who did not have mentor.
  3. Employees who received mentoring were promoted “5” times more often than people who didn’t have mentors. 

Message is loud and clear you want to advance your SALES career, find a Mentor.  Now the question is how do you find Mentor and when you find one how do you approach your Mentor?  Let me share few tips on finding and approaching a mentor: 

  1. WRITE YOUR GOAL: Write down your expectation from the mentoring program.
  2. QUALITIES OF A MENTOR: Wiling to mentor; have time, experience and inclination to guide.
  3. WHERE TO FIND MENTOR: Begin your search at your workplace but don’t restrict to it because you can also find good mentors in other workplaces, your community, and any places where knowledge is shared and minds meet.
  4. MEET YOUR MENTOR: Once you’ve identified a potential mentor, meet with him and discuss your objectives and goals for the mentoring program. 
  5. MENTOR CONTRIBUTION: Mentor contribution will come in the form of experience, ideas, follow up and encouragement.  Remember Mentor may suggest amend, edit and add on to your milestones. Listen and incorporate.
  6. AGREEMENT:  Once mentor/mentee agrees on the road map; agree on a meeting schedule with topics for discussion.
  7. MEETING PLACE: Meeting should happen at a mutually convenient place.  Hence identify the place where you can meet for an hour periodically. Meet every fortnight.
  8. FOLLOW UP: Follow up can also happen more frequently over the phone or on Email, agree with your mentor. 

Now let me reiterate that nothing comes easy and there are certain expectations from the Mentees as well such as he should be

  1. Open to constructive criticism
  2. Willing to share his mistakes and failures.
  3. Listen to the advice of others and act upon it
  4. Has self-discipline
  5. Open to new ideas and opinions. 

YOU ARE YOUR BOSS: Remember that you are responsible for your goals, initiatives, dreams and not your mentor.  Seek to find mentors throughout your career who can help you build upon your strengths, overcome your weaknesses and help you maximize your potential.