I have read somewhere that successful enterprise organizes tours for their prospects, customers around their premises.  I always wondered why do so? Does it not impact the workers’ productivity? Does it not require extra resource to address the non-revenue based activity? What if something goes wrong?  Well many questions would pop-up in my mind whenever I read such story.

Until this afternoon while visiting McDonalds at Al Bustan center I happened to notice a board which said “If you want to take a tour of our kitchen please contact our duty Manager between 3:30pm through 5:30pm.” I promptly asked the front office sales person “How many have utilized this offer? Prompt came the response; many and would you like to take the tour?”  And I promptly said yes.

Thus began my  tour that lasted  20 minutes – considering this was a space as small as two bedroom apartment.  The questions was not the space; the cream was what went inside the two bedroom spaced kitchen/store area.  Now this opened up my mind to how much care and attentions is paid to the food being served to the customers.  I noticed

  1. You  begin the day by washing your hands; employees are expected to sanitize and wash their hands every hour and bell rings to remind them.
  2. Non-veg and veg Food stuff is procured from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Milk for AED 1 /- ice-cream comes from Saudia Arabia and Fresh Salad from UAE
  3. Cooked food such as patties and French fries are not stored beyond certain time period and beyond time limit they are disposed.  Hence food taste and quality is maintained but there is wastage.
  4. Pepsi is prepared locally at the restaurant wherein concentrate is mixed with tap water filtered locally.
  5. There is separate set of cooking oil and containers for veg/non-veg and French fries and it is filtered and cleaned depending on number of times oil has been used.
  6. Employees work 9 hours including an for break and beyond they are paid over time.

Overall what looked simply making French fries and burgers is preceded by numerous complicated processes with utmost care for the customers taste.

My lessons from the exercise was businesses are created with seed money but great businesses are created with meticulous planning, processes and utmost care for the customers.  And great business should be proud of sharing them.  Because sharing brings confidence and reflects confidence.

After completing my 20 minutes education trip I was gifted with an ice-cream and a McDonald’s mug.  Thank you McDonalds