Vinod_LinkedinImagine you are in a Social Gathering and someone extends a hand for handshake? Or someone smiles at you?  Or someone appreciates your choice of clothes?   What do you do? Do you walk away.  Or reciprocate with a handshake, smile and thank you? 

Similarly on LinkedIn; multitude of engagement signals are triggered.  These triggers are a sign post to Know, Like and build Trust relations.   I will share few TRIGGERS and likely response. 

  1. PEOPLE VIEWED YOUR PROFILE: ( Tag his profile for future reference & Analysis)
  2. PEOPLE VIEWED YOUR POST, LIKED, SHARED or COMMENTED: ( Thank and reciprocate by engaging their posts )
  3. YOU RECEIVE AN INVITATION TO CONNECT: ( Thank them and invite them to join your Group )
  4. CONTACT ACCEPTS YOUR INVITATION TO CONNECT: (Thank them and request them to join your Group.)
  5. CONTACT CHANGES A JOB: (Congratulate them and ask if you can be of any help)
  6. CONTACT GETS A PROMOTION: (Congratulate them)
  7. CONTACT HAS A BIRTHDAY: ( Wish him and if practical send him a gift )
  8. CONTACT HAS A WORK ANNIVERSARY: (Congratulate and wish them Success )
  9. CONTACT IS MENTIONED IN THE NEWS: (Congratulate them and wish them success)
  11. YOU ARE ENDORSED FOR A SKILL: (Thank them and reciprocate or extend feedback on their profile enhancement)
  12. YOU ARE RECOMMENDED BY A CONTACT: (Thank them; ask them how you can help them and reciprocate)
  13. YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN A LINKEDIN GROUP: (Thank them and regret if you don’t intend to join)
  14. YOUR CONTACT WRITES A LINKEDIN BLOG POST: (Like, Share or Express your opinion or ask for advice )
  15. YOUR CONTACT SHARES A POST, UPLOAD A PHOTO OR PUBLISHES A POST: (Like, share or Express your opinion.) 

Remember when others initiate a Trigger – Connect and ask questions to strengthen relations. Always personlise your message. Having said that LinkedIn Triggers are SOCIAL SELLING triggers wherein appropriate response helps you build strong relations and convert your Cold calls into Warm calls.