I received a rude shock when I visited my customer’s Director of Procurement for pursuing my order.  He said your quote did not make the finals.  I asked why ?  And I got a curt response “estimators did not find your costing in line with our expectations.”

I was reminded of a famous saying by Walter Winchell  he said  “It pays to be nice to the people you meet on the way up, for they are the same people you meet on the way down” .  and I realized that somewhere in my journey a serious error has been committed and rude shock was the payment for that mistake.

The famous quote plays a profound role in every aspect of our life;  social and professional.  But staying with the professional aspect; the wisdom enunciates that in the customer organization every person is important. If you are in selling profession then the touch point who receives your proposal to the touch point who tabulates your proposals and touch point who decides on placing the order are equally important.  Because every touch point in customer organization has a role to play.  Not extending right respect to any one touch point could be fatal to you getting the business.

On the flip side I am reminded of the book  “Employees First, Customers Second” authored by Vineet Nayar created one more RUNGS; wherein every touch point for customer,  in our organization is important to ensure that organization continues to win sustained business.  And internal people supporting the touch point are also equally important because a slip on their behalf can also lose you business.

“It pays to be nice to the people”