Sales is one of the oldest professions and many other professions are offspring’s of sales.  Hence, it is no wonder that Sales professionals are multifaceted. They study and imbibe the unique skills & practices of other professions such as Medical practitioners, Insurance agents and teachers, to become more effective.

Medical Practitioners: Practice medicine.  Patients visit them and doctors exercise their domain knowledge and ask relevant questions to find the correct remedy.  Similarly Sales professionals should become customer’s business domain expert and hone their skills of asking question to make the sale.

Insurance Agents: They provide consultancy and advise on insurance covers, be it your physical assets or your physical health. An insurance cover is your umbrella for when a disaster strikes.  Sales professionals should also talk insurance with their customer. How an extra cover can insure their assets are unaffected when and if a tsunami, flood or earthquake strikes. How the business can get back on track with little extra care.

Teachers: They are subject matter experts and students attend their classes to learn. Sales professionals can emulate teachers; become subject matter experts and exercise education based selling.  People love to buy from people who know their craft.

Entrepreneur: They invest, create and partner with others to generate profits.  Sales Professionals should also invest in themselves and their customers and partner with them to create profits.

Artist: They create works of art and people pay for their works. Sales Professionals should create value proposition and play in the Blue Ocean rather than bleed in the Red Ocean.

Actor: Actors are performers. Give them a scenario and they become the part, an old fragile person, a youthful personality or a child.  Sales Professionals are performers too, they reflect gentle or firm as the script demand.

Public speaker: Earn their living by speaking to an audience.  Sales professionals benefit by honing their public speaking skills. Consider it to be as if your life depended on delivering an impactful message.

Every profession has its bright spots and when we choose to practice those bright spots, we choose a life with a difference.