Last week the feedback for three hours workshop “BUILDING A POWERFUL IDENTITY” was encouraging.  And that has prompted me to follow up with another program “LAUNCH your BUSINESS.”    The Program “LAUNCH your BUSINESS”  is a 4 hours workshop and will add value to the following Professionals:

  • Small to Medium Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Vision to be an Entrepreneur
  • Passion to Learn & Sell

This program will help you

  • Identify your BUSINESS Strategy
  • Create & Optimize your COMPANY page
  • Add Products & Services
  • Identify your MARKETING Strategy
  • Invite CONNECTIONS to follow
  • Post updates
  • Measure your progress
  • Case Study

The program is based around using Social Media tools like LinkedIn and Google.  And the subject will also be flavored with how to build your Business and Marketing strategy.  In Digital World, strategy  is imperative because Digital world demands to achieve MORE WITH LESS.  And unless you have a clear strategy, unless you have a clear vision the business will fail in the Digital World.  Further Strategy also empowers you to focus your meager resources and measure them periodically.

 Good luck to your participation in the workshop  Launch your Business