Business owners have the abundance mentality.  This group thinks investing to create abundance.  Business group is quick to spot opportunities and quicker to spot talent.  On the flip side it’s a challenge to ensure your talent is spotted and tapped.  It may require you to be at the right place at the right time.  And there are activities that can increase your visibility to the business world.  Few of the activities are like 24×7 showcase and others are time bound display of your talent.  And I am listing few of them for your perusal.

  1. Create your web site
  2. Blog everyday
  3. Participate and answer Q& A on the LinkedIn
  4. Conduct a seminar
  5. Collect testimonials and post it on your digital pages
  6. Mentor or coach others
  7. Create jobs and connect businesses with the right candidates.
  8. Write columns for newspapers
  9. Create your Podcast
  10. Create a web seminar
  11. Create your video channel
  12. Create your Tribe.
  13. Create a word of mouth publicity
  14. Volunteer for NGO’s or social services.
  15. Write for a social cause.
  16. Visit and participate in business forums.
  17. Achieve a Guru status and volunteer your time and comments for News media – Digital, Radio and Newspaper.
  18. Network like crazy; visit places where business people meet.

Can you guess which activities are 24×7 showcases and which are time bound display of your talent?

And please feel free to express your comments in the comments section.