Boss During the course of my professional journey; I have realized that the biggest asset of a leader is his vision that galvanizes employees and creates traction within an organization.  It unites employees under one umbrella and inspires them to look forward to the future.   Infosys’s new CEO Vishal Sika has achieved the same after joining in August 2014. CEO Vishal Sikka has said, “Problem finding is where the value is.”  “Problem finding will be the essence of being innovative and helping deliver value to customers.” He stated that they would train around 500 engineers every quarter on Artificial Intelligence in a three week course. 

SECOND: Leaders are also surgical about employees; they value them, reward them and help them grow. Whereas unproductive employees are surgically removed. Hence leaders are a perfect engine that understand and practice employee retention by offering recognition, approval, career growth, room to think and appreciate their thinking. 

THIRD challenge for leaders is to have a team that works as a team.  And good leaders develop such skills to put together a Team that works as a Team.  Few of the skills demonstrated by them is to be knowledgeable and have a helicopter view of their business.  And give room to exercise thinking and make mistakes.

FOURTH important skill of a leader is have a keen eye for bright people and when they see one; promptly sell them on their vision and mission. They are always on the lookout for new ideas and new blood.  When Steve jobs wanted John Scully on his team – Steve was persistent and did not stop till he had John Scully on board as a CEO at Apple.

FIFTH very important trait of good leaders is stunning communication skills – written and verbal.  Somehow they understand the nuances of communication and include elements that create maximum impact that inspire team members to work smarter and harder.