Simple Lessons

Simple lessons are masked in simple experiences. On the flip side simple lessons are the strongest foundation of our success that is taught in no schools.   Let me share seven simple lessons that changed my life.

  1. ASK for what you want….. Effectively:  I joined sales and failed miserably because I did not ask for orders. I suffered more because I did not ask for help either.  How I wish I had a mentor who could have taught me the importance of asking and asking effectively.  Because when I realized the importance of asking I faltered on asking effectively.
  2. You improve when you step out of your COMFORT zone:   This lesson can change your life and changed mine too.    I would make few unplanned calls a day.  Some time I would not make any calls and compensate the time with mundane activities i.e. Making proposal or hand delivering proposal copy.  I was not progressing.  Sooner I stepped out of my comfort zone and began making 4 planned visits a day for the week ahead.  Results improved and my learning increased.
  3. Your personality blossoms when you attempt NEW TASK for the first time Winston Churchill once said “Change is improvement and perfection is change often.”  I had covered most of my life years walking a straight line.  And one fine day after a profound discussion with friends I decided to learn one new task every six months.  Result I made new friends acquired new skills and discovered new revenue streams.
  4. You build strong teams, when you begin looking for GOOD in others:   In a corporate world no sooner you walk into the office you are being judged and judgment is about finding faults.  What if you endeavor to find good in others; what is their strength where they will be the best fit.  Good Manager becomes better Manager when he looks for good in others.    Successful leaders find good in other which other may not see or the person himself is not aware of.  Many years ago one of my employers picked up a supermarket floor salesman to sell technology and he went on to ace the sales achievement numbers year on year.  Employer would successfully repeat this exercise by hiring people from different domain and positioning them in another.
  5. Be your CHEER leader Everyone needs encouragement and there are two options to achieving so – either wait for the third party to cheer you up or begin cheering yourself up.  Either of them works because our brain does not distinguish between the two commands.  So be your cheer leader.
  6. LOVE yourself:   This is extremely important to develop and it is internal as well as external.  Internal refers to healthy living – exercise and positive thinking and external refers to continuous learning to sparkle your knowledge.  When you practice this principle you will begin to love yourself and others too.
  7. Get comfortable with setbacks and faster you will succeed:  I realized whenever I had a challenge my performance dropped because I was consumed by worries what would happen now?  Later I realized that more setbacks I experienced more confident I grew – no more cloud of worries.  Hence I decided to take bigger risk to get early lessons and succeed faster.

Simple lessons are masked in simple life experiences;  what is yours.  If you like it  ——- share