LIONIn this remarkable video herd of buffalos attack carnivorous Lions.  And they managed to save the buffalo through three different tactics

  1. HERD MENTALITY : Making themselves bigger and stronger.
  2. HEAD AND HORN : Using head and horns to threaten, injure and kill.
  3. EMOTIONS : Revenge emotions acts like a turbo charge and motivates them to go attack lion with impunity.

Using the above three tactics herd is able to incapacitate and injure lion.  This is a perfect analogy for FLIPKART preparing themselves for the Amazon onslaught in the Indian E-Commerce market.

  1. FLIPKART India’s leading E-Commerce site bought over MYNTRA – India’s leading Fashion E-Commerce site for around USD 300 Million to grow bigger and should be looking for more acquisition to gain mass to ward off Amazon.
  2. Now here FLIPKART needs a superior strategy to ward off Amazon.  Buffalos being herbivores did not use canines but head and horn to incapacitate lion.  What unique strategy Flipkart would adopt to incapacitate Amazon?
  3. Emotions: Current emotions are survival instinct in FLIPKART that should align with its USP strategy (Attack, Injure, Threaten, Protect and others) later on to fight off Amazon.

FlipKart has to be extremely cautious because Flipkart customer will certainly  try out Amazon services.  And if Amazon experience turns out to be better experience than Flipkart – customers  would jump the bandwagon.  Hence it’s imperative that Flipkart begins extending  pinnacle experience for its every customer transaction and begin blowing its own trumpet.