buy.sellThe biggest challenge for every Entrepreneur is Cash flow to manage day to day operations.  And when business begins expanding the cash is further squeezed and your business growth gets stunted.  You can’t bid for large value projects because the business does not have enough cash or credit line to sustain.  So what are your options?

  • Look for angel investment
  • Take loan or credit.
  • Project financing
  • Take onboard investors and the easiest option is
  • Sell the Business

Now my post is not about angel investment, loan or credit.  My message is for the SALES PEOPLE, if ever you hear a story that entrepreneur is selling his business ask the following questions

  1. Why do you want to sell the business?
  2. Will owner provide help during transition?
  3. What is the price owner wants to sell the business?
  4. How did he arrive at such price?
  5. What are the owner’s earnings & benefits?
  6. How much are the  expenses?
  7. What are the existing obligations AR/AP and contracts terms?
  8. Current company lease, rental.

Now you have the first set of numbers to connect buyers with seller.  And your questions could be where to find the buyers.  My response would be once you begin the process and collect right information you will find the circle of buyers.  And I would share a famous quote “when the student is ready teacher will appear.” 

And this began happening in my case.  Entrepreneurs would say they are looking for investment, partners or sell off and I did not care.  And nothing happened but no sooner I began taking interest and asking the right questions the pieces began to fall into place with buyers on the horizon.  And one day you might find that this is your passion – connecting buyers with sellers.