Sales people fail not because they lack product knowledge but they fail because they lack LINK skills.  What are LINK skills?

  1. L = LinkedIn Skills
  2. I = Influence Skills
  3. N = Networking Skills
  4. K = Kinesthetic Skills                                                                                                                                                             
  1. LINKEDIN SKILLS: The biggest Sales challenge is not being aware of the right demographics of the target segment.  Using LinkedIn advance search, sales can identify the right prospects through the demographics search such as Country, Location, and Industry, Company size, Language spoken, function or title.  And then create a list of prospects to call upon.  OBJECTIVE: Reduce time and effort spent on finding potential prospect’s name and profile.  And leaving enough time and zest on building business relations and closing business.
  2. INFLUENCE SKILLS:   Prospects are influenced by Laws of influence.  Is your team familiar on what influences the sale?  What are the six laws of influence and how do you apply them?  If not; as part of the ongoing training,  purchase them the book “PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION” written by Guru of Persuasion Dr. Robert B. Cialdini.  The six laws of influence are Like; Reciprocity, Social Proof, Scarcity, Commitment and consistency and Authority.    OBJECTIVE: To  use the laws of influence to cut short the decision making  cycle.
  3. NETWORKING SKILLS: Networking is the currency of future. Is your team trained in the warfare of Networking?   Are they equipped with skills of networking and how to leverage that to engage in business dialogue?  If your answer is NO – your sales force is entering the battle field half naked.  OBJECTIVE: To equip your sales team to connect with prospects outside the official environment and subsequently engage them in business dialogue.  And mind you networking is not collecting business cards but collecting business cards and identifying a common denominator to engage them in business dialogue.
  4. KINESTHETIC SKILLS: Renowned behavior analyst Albert Mehrabian once said that total sum of your communication is 55% body language, 38% Tone and 7% is words.  Hence is your Sales team trained in the Art of reading non-verbal cues?  You can significantly increase effectiveness of your sales team by training them on body language and to begin with purchase  them a book written by  Author  Allan Pease  “Body Language”  OBJECTIVE: To read buying cues and shorten the sales cycle.

Sometimes it’s the smallest change that can change your life and let LINK be the change to change your BUSINESS.   And Improve Sales effectiveness by honing Sales team skills in LINK.