Who knows you better than yourself  ?  My answer YOU  YOU and YOU; so why leave Skills columns undefined when you create your online profile on LinkedIn? The topic of the day is  Leverage the Power of LinkedIn Skills” in your LinkedIn profile.  I am sharing “10” point to make your profile sticky.

  1. LIMITATION: LinkedIn limits you to “50” skills at any given time.
  2. EDIT: You can add and delete your skills at any given time.
  3. HIERARCHY: You rearrange skills hierarchy ( How skills appear on your profile)  of your skills at any given time.
  4. STRATEGY: To begin with identifying 10 key skills on your profile for the first 30 days.  Let your profile be uncluttered and easier for your connections to endorse.  In the next 30 days identify and add another set of 10 skills on your profile.  And 30 days later add 5 more skills. In all position not more than “25” skills on your profile.
  5. MENTOR: If you ensure about the right skills inventory, read profiles of local and global leaders in your industry and check on their top 10 skills inventory.  Treat them as your mentor to build your LinkedIn profile and career progression.
  6. KEYWORDS: The first 3 skills are your key skills wherein you would like to have a maximum number of endorsements.  Include those three key skills in your summary and experiences.
  7. TRENDING SKILLS:  Search for trending skills or skills in most demand in your industry and include 1 or 2 that are closer to your profile skills.  And subsequently build up your knowledge base on those skills.
  8. MOST IN DEMAND SKILLS FOR 2014 Include 1 or 2 of these skills in your profile
  9. DELETE: If at any given time you have been endorsed for skills that are not relevant to your profile; promptly delete them.
  10. ENDORSE:  LinkedIn does not limit you from endorsing your connections for skills.  So go ahead endorse your connections for relevant skills and reap the power of Reciprocity.  Law of Reciprocity says “People tend to return a favor.  If you invite them out for a meal they will return the favour by inviting you for the meal.  If you click LIKE on their posts,  the other person is most likely to Click on Like on your post. ”

Remembers skills are the relevant part of your profile and they become important when your connections endorse you.    A number of endorsement may not get you the business or a job but certainly, it will open up windows of opportunities. Hence leverage the power of your LinkedIn skill & endorsements.