Sharaf DGWhen it comes to business – Social Media is wiping out Newspaper focused marketing budget.  Social Media is about creating brand visibility, lead generation and addressing segments of prospects once beyond your business reach.  Hence Social Media is about Blue Ocean prospecting.

Last week I visited Sharaf DG to purchase Notebook Pointer and they did not stock it. DG Sharaf  is one of the largest electronics retailer in UAE that was set up in 2005.  I decided to look at its social media engagement and for the sake of brevity I would share my first observation of DG Sharaf engagement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Facebook: (April 15, 2005): With total of  345,743 likes and only 6,605 talking about  it.  It posts on an average of 2 – 4 posts a day.  Sharaf DG posts are about special price, special bundles that are 1 day wonder.   One day wonder do not have a recall value beyond the day of the deal.  Sometime contests are posted that creates bigger engagement.     Sharaf DG needs to re-look at its content strategy and make it sticky.  Further end users engagements on Facebook page is more in terms of Likes but not comments or opinions.

The posts have no active links to the online stores thus depriving online experience to the end users.  I would like to see an active link for special prices products taking me to Sharaf DG online stores to complement the sales cycle.  Or better build an online store within Facebook extending 360* purchase experience.

In ABOUT it says “Your No.1 Electronics Destination in… whereas under the COMPANY it says  …. “It’s not just an electronics store, but a new lifestyle experience.”   Simply put; Sharaf DG should shorten and announce “LIFESTYLE ELECTRONICS DESTINATION” 

The tab WINNER lists the contests and winners name and prize.  I would like see the date,  place of the contest and brief details.

Facebook has a Twitter tab – Good strategy to make Facebook the hub of social media platform.

 Twitter:   Its following 5313 and has around 17, 900 followers.  Its average tweeting is once a day using Hootsuite but I did not see any customer engagement  on the timeline leaving money on the table.  The contests are being participated on Twitter through RT and mentions. Every Tweet loops back to Facebook encouraging action.  Hence Twitter and Facebook  complement each other. 

YouTube:  August 30, 2009:  It has around 74  subscribers and highest views on any video is 1325 and as low as 32 views (total of around 84K views ).  Once again YouTube videos are more  about special price and special bundle and no wonder YouTube is not attracting eyeballs.  Not to waste resources Sharaf DG can request suppliers to supply products tutorials videos to enhance end users learning and experience.   Having said that I noticed few interesting Sharaf DG videos posted by others outside Sharaf DG channel.  They reflected sales and other live recording in the stores that was pretty interesting to watch and had higher views

LinkedIn:  Sharaf DG company profile has around 4156 Followers and 679 employees on the LinkedIn.

The company page has nothing beyond profile, followers and employees i.e. .. no products, no posting and no news either.  LinkedIn platform can be leveraged towards recruitment and extolling the Sharaf DG culture.  It should begin posting company and industry news to attract talent.  It is researched that members following your company are 10x times more likely to share your posts and 3x times more likely to apply for the jobs.

Overall Sharaf DG social media engagement compared to other electronics retails in the region is better.